I have been a painter for many years and have now decided to promote my work in traditional mediums and in EFT form to bridge the gap with a very important market, those who are embracing the world of technology.

I have also ventured into the world of computer generated art which is an energising experience and exciting medium. Embracing the world beyond the bounds of paint, my studio and standard gallery platform is a creative process in itself.

A large portion of my work explores popular culture, where living in a city I am exposed to on a daily basis. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful and rich imagery that my city and the world’s cultures feed my creations.


Pop_rodents_Happy_mellow_mice Pop_rodents_All_smiles City_walls_Midnight_party_time City_walls_The_yellow_duck_and_mouse The_conversation_Duck Its_all_in_the_bones_Green_holy_bones Its_all_in_the_bones_Pink_holy_bones

Cosmic_Skull_Buzzing_cosmic_skull Cosmic_Skulls_Purple_cosmic_skull Monkey_dreams_Orange_monkey_party Monkey_Dreams_Green_monkey_party

Grace_Kotze_Drool_24_X_24_X4cm_Acrylic_on_Canvas Fred_shows_his_power_2 Sustenance_for_a_hero_2 Warhol_paints_the_world_2

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