KZNSA Gallery Solo exhibition - 2005

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14_kznsa 15_kznsa 16_kznsa 18_kznsa 17_kznsa 12_kznsa large_landskape

This exhibition shows the beginnings of Kotze's exploration into the human form, landscape and the relationship between the two.

Coupled with subject matter, is the artist's grappling into the complex field of material and subject, the push and pull, competing for and working together to produce the subject of the work. The expressive abstract nature of paint shows its beginnings in some of the landscapes that are barely recognisable as forms. While in other works the subject of the work is very clearly the chosen image. This is evident in the figures which are a rigorous exploration of anatomical accuracy and the human forms ability to carry layered emotional value.

The importance of the landscape and figure, as tools for expression exists in a variety of guises, as partner works, nudes in landscapes, tiny body parts that full the canvas and landscape/skyscapes in their own right. Formats vary from very small works to a mural size painting.

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