Internal Markings


A solo painting exhibition
January 14 to February 14, 2013
Venue: Showcase Gallery, Dubai
Cloud_oil_on_canvas_170cm_x_250cm Internal_Markings_No_copy Internal_Markings_No7_137cm_x_52cm
Internal_Markings_No2_120cm_x_200cm_Acrylic_on_canvas_copy_-_Copy Internal_Markings_No3_145cm_x_200cm_ Internal_Markings_No5_80cm_x_80cm Internal_Markings_No6_80cm_x_80cm Internal_Markings_No4_100cm_x_50cm__copy
Internal_Markings_No9_150cm_x_100cm_ Internal_Markings_No9_150cm_x_100cm_detail_2 Internal_Markings_No8_100cm_x_200cm Internal_Markings_No8_100cm_x_200cm_detail_1JPG_copy

'Internal Markings' is a body of work exploring the expressive power of mark and colour. While painting some of the works preceding 'Internal Markings', my concerns became more about the paintwork around the "image". This gravitational pull towards the seemingly abstract spaces led me to the discovery of the fertile language of the non-pictorial.
When launching into these new works I set out to paint large areas of
overlapping colour, yet ended up painting a mesh of abstracted worded marks.
I have always been intrigued how certain font styles can dictate and alter the meaning of a word. Somehow these observations surfaced yet left the literal content of words behind. The marks adopted shapes that grew out of text alluding to many cultures.
I am dyslexic and reading and writing is often a struggle. These paintings felt like all those battles had just fallen away and I was writing effortlessly.
Although connected to the basic cognitive skills of writing the process was
linked directly to my emotional response of the emotional power of shape, colour and tone. Each mark was assessed and formed to correlate to highly private and emotional triggers. Hence the title 'Internal Markings'.

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