Co-ordinates - 2006

Front Room
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Middle Room
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Solo exhibition
artSPACE durban, (2006)

The exhibition offers insights into the artist's “Co-ordinates”, marking her emotional state and every day vision. Drawing from her surrounds and people in her life, Kotze adjusts tone and colour to accentuate such a vision. This is supported further by the expressive nature of paint. “Co-ordinates” offers a journey into the complexity of the physical and emotional content of the painted surface and also that of the human form and landscape.

Following the KZNSA show, the works are a progression into the nature of paint, among these works are also the first works that venture into the abstract.
Introduced into the vocabulary of the landscape are geological symbols which not only worked to further the exploration into the genre of landscape but also as abstract elements and symbols.

Contrasting with the concern of the abstract are works that examine the visual surface of the subject in minute detail.

The exhibition was divided into two rooms:

Front Room
This room consisted of small square paintings and large works(varying in scale from 20cm X 20cm to 1.8m X 1.2m in size), many of which were made up of multiple canvases which helped to further the abstract element present in the dribbling and layering of paint. These elements are present in both representational and abstract paintings.

Middle Gallery
This room facilitated an installation of about sixty four works, averaging about 5cm X 7cm X 7cm in size protruding from the walls to form abstracted sculptural blocks rather than a surface to support an image.

Quotion from "Prolific Paint"  by Alex Sudheim featured in the Mail and Guardian

".....her paintings have become increasingly focused and compelling.
The works on display in this exhibition were created over an intensive five-month period, which resulted in the paintings forming and intrinsically linked collection that works both as a group of individual art works and as a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The dark, heavy and relentlessly intense character of Kotze's oils brings to mind great masters such as Ingres, Tysschen and Rembrandt, yet shot through the work is an undeniably contemporary deconstruction of meaning."

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