Available Art Work

These images do not represent the total of the available art works but a small selection. For further information on works that are available please contact me on cell: 0825605045 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Private studio viewings are also welcomed.

Yellow Sky, 30cm X 60cm, Oil on Canvas, 2008 Fiery Sky, 80cm X2m, Oil on Canvas, 2008 Darkness_and_Wonder_Insect_Collection Self-portrait_with_Cicada Sefl_Portrait_with_Cicadas_detail


Shift, 30cm x 90cm, Oil on Canvas, 2008 North_Bound_from_Tollgate_Bridge__1 North_Bound_from_Tollgate_Bridge__2 Tilled_Field Landscape_with_Green_Clouds_30_x_30_x_5cm_oil_on_canvas_copy Low_Lying_Clouds_30_x_30_x_5cm_oil_on_canvas_copy Travels_with_Sharon_30_x_30_x_5cm_oil_on_canvas_copy


Donovan, 1m X 1m, Oil on Canvas, 2007 17_a_sense_of_asd 18_a_sense_of_asd 13_a_sense_of_asd Tamara, 20cm x 30cm, Oil on  Canvas, 2007


6_co-ordinates_front Untitled (detail), 2.2m x 1.4m, Oil on Canvas, 2006 7_co-ordinates_front