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Hi all

I hope that you and your loved ones are well and cared for in these difficult and crazy times.

I have brought my annual sale forward in order to accommodate a donation to a Coronavirus relief fund (details at the bottom). I will be donating between 10 to 100% of sales to the fund, works vary in %.


The sale will be on for the month of April. No works will be reserved and sales will be confirmed once payment is made.

Please do not pay for work unless you have confirmed that they are still available. I can be contacted on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0825605045 or DM me on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/grace.kotzeor Instagram: grace_kotze

All works can be couriered once couriers are back in operation starting at R90, door to door.


Annual sale donations to: Dennis Hurley Centre

Their facilities are being used to house Durban's homeless during the lockdown, and the funds will be used to provide meals and other basic essentials.To date during the Coronavirus crisis, 1600 people homeless are being cared for and housed in Durban. With very little time to prepare, people have been working tirelessly to provide training to staff and volunteers, provide accommodation and provide all the necessities for such a large group of diverse people.

To find out more about this amazing organisation visit: https://www.facebook.com/DenisHurleyCentre/ on Facebook. I will be posting details on my social media if you want to make personal contributions towards this drive.


All prices are the sale prices with varying % to be donated. Sizes and medium of works will be vissible when you click on the image

R950 per painting (10% will be donated)


R2500 per work (10% will be donated)

Rediscovered_Childhood_Golden11_x_8cm_Bronze_web Speckled_Pigeon_35_x_35_x_4cm_Accrylic_on_board


R3000 per painting (15% will be donated)

Framed_works To_Hold_Deep1_45_x_30cm_Oil_on_canvas To_Hold_Deep2_45_x_30cm_Oil_on_canvas


R4000 per painting (20% will be donated)

Framed_works 3_Botanical_To_Hold_Deep_3_90_x_60cm_Oil_on_canvas_net_copy




The_tide_that_feeds_my_being_Acrylic_15_x_20_x2cm_on_canvas_net Each_day_opens_my_heart__8.5cm_x_9cm_Acrylic_on_board Nearing_home_8.5cm_x_9cm_Acrylic_on_board The_sky_that_never_ends_9_x_12_cm_Acrylic_on_board_web The_growth_of_summer_9_x_12cm_Acrylic_on_canvas

Exhail_Acrylic_15_x_20_x4cm_on_canvas Weaver_1_25_x_25_x_4_Acrylic_on_board Weaver_2_25_x_25_x_4_Acrylic_on_board Endless_possibilities_15cm_Acrylic_on_canvas_on_board_web After_the_storm_15_x20_x_2cm_Acrylic_on_canvas
What_is_important_remains_15_x_25_x_4cm_Acrylic_on_canvas Grace_Kotze_The_receding_mist_36_x_81_x_4cm_Acrylic_on_board_copy The_endless_breath_8.5_x_9cm_Acrylic_on_board_web The_shift_that_opens_my_being_15_x_25_x_4cm_Acrylic_on_canvas_web Rediscovered_Childhood_Green_Gold11_x_8cm_Bronze_web
Olive_thrush_30_x_20_x_4cm_Acrylic_on_board The_evening_before_9_x_12_cm_Acrlyic_on_board Discarded_Childhood_11_x_8cm_Bronze_Web Grace_Kotze_Sunbeam_and_the_yellow_boat_35_x_45_x_4cm_Acrylic_on_Board_net Three_young_woman_and_the_owl_45_x_35_x_4cm_Acrylic_on_board_ Displaced_Jelly_40_x_40_x_3cm_beans_web
Internal_Space_Oil_on_canvas_80_x_120cm_copy The_essence_15_x_25_x_4cm_Acrylic_on_canvas The_never_ending_inspiration_Acrlyic_15_x_21_x_4cm_on_board_web


To see more of my non sale work contact me on:

For more details contact me on 0825605045 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





+27 72 470 9272

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Cape Palette Artists Studio

WhatsApp: 0824395871


Untitled_net Philippa_150_x_100cm_oil_on_canvas
Grace_Kotze_The_Journey_50_x_100_x_4cm_Acrylic_on_canvas_copy Fire_3net thumb_Fire_2net


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